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Legends of Arahma - a new Musical

Legends of Arahma is the first collaboration between composer & lyricist Joseph Purdue and book writer & lyricist Dries Janssens.

Copernicus Danbury is exploring the seas, when he unintentionally finds himself in a new world, where he's recognised by the natives. He learns of the warlord Zoran, who seeks to take control of the realm and enslave its people. If the prophecy is true, Copernicus is the only one who can defeat her and protect a beautiful green world from its destruction.

This will be a concert performance of Legends Of Arahma, featuring an incredible cast, who are very excited to perform the piece for the first time. Please join us and witness the birth of an exciting new musical!

Tickets | £15.00   Box Office | 01256 418318